Technology and verticalization

Throughout its nearly century-long history, Casartelli Antonio has continued to grow its production capacity, resulting in the current 15 forging lines (up to 8.000 tons) and 17 machining lines. The entire production process occurs in our plant in Galbiate that extends to 40,000 square meters (of which 20,000 covered). In recent years, in order to increase production efficiency and capacity the production layout has been extensively revised to reflect optimal industrial practices.

Steel bars, sourced from major European steel mills, are cut, and then transferred to forging, which is at the core of the technological process.

The semi-finished product moves on to processes that improve its quality and mechanical performance: heat treatment, sandblasting, straightening, non-destructive testing and finishing. At the end of this process, the product is ready to be shipped.

The collaboration with customers in the automotive sector over the years has resulted in increased verticalization of the production process: some product lines, after forging, are subjected to machining processes and surface heat treatments.

Process know how

Transformation and management processes

Metallurgy and quality

Metallurgical know-how with an innovative quality management