Spindles housing

The entirely verticalized production process for different types of spindles housing allows Casartelli Antonio to provide the full product range required by the customer, and a completely finished product that is 100% guaranteed.

Universal joints

Casartelli Antonio is a leading manufacturer of universal cardan shafts, with products over 1,800 mm in length, heat-treated and straightened according to customer needs.

Raw axle shafts

By combining induction heating, upsetting and forging technology, several types of shafts are produced with lengths that can exceed 1,500 mm and flange diameters greater than 400 mm.

Finished axle shafts

Production departments dedicated to this product (turning, spline making, and induction hardening) are able to produce flanged axles and transmission shafts over 1,500 mm in length.

Finished shafts

A dedicated line for machining either upset shafts or bar stock, produces completely finished products, including final non-destructive testing to ensure 100% integrity.

Drive shafts

Our extensive expertise in upsetting technology allows Casartelli Antonio to produce increasingly complex designs that integrate in a single forging product a number of components that were previously produced separately and assembled.

Shift forks

Starting with our first productions for the automotive sector in the Fifties, throughout the current product mix for industrial and agricultural vehicles, shift forks have always been part of the Casartelli Antonio’s history.

Levers and supports

With forging lines up to 2,500 tons, we produce levers and supports that are delivered to the customer fully machined. For both products, 100% non-destructive testing is carried out for quality assurance.

Constant velocity joints

Based on our prior experience, we specialize in net-shape pieces for the automotive sector. Furthermore, warm forging technology results in increased competitiveness and precision.