Metallurgical know-how with an innovative quality management

The Casartelli Antonio integrates in-depth metallurgical know-how with an innovative quality management. The market goal of zero defect supplies, especially in the automotive sector, has prompted us to develop processes, technologies, and instruments that result in a production with optimal quality standards, which aligns with our customer expectations. Leveraging our metallurgical and process know-how, the internal quality system focuses on detecting and eliminating non-conformity along the whole production process.

Casartelli Antonio guarantees high-quality standards of processes and products, starting from inspection of incoming raw material, through quality testing at every production phase, up to specific non-destructive tests.

On-going communication and feedback ensure that quality control process aligns with best industry standards, while its implementation is achieved through a structured training program and internal auditing. Throughout the production process, great emphasis is placed on Safety Related Components, where specific technologies and automation have been developed to ensure 100% quality control. Since 1994, Casartelli Antonio has primary quality certificates: “IATF 16949” and “ISO 9001”.